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Choosing the Best Home Security System

Home is where the heart is. Home is where we go to rest, to unwind. It's where we feel safe.

But there are dangers lurking in even the safest homes. Fires, break-ins, accidents, sudden illness, they can all strike at any time. Preventing incidents and responding quickly when they happen can improve the security of our home and safeguard the lives of our families.

In this course, originally produced for professionals who counsel consumers on home security systems, we'll review common safety risks and discuss ways to prevent and respond to incidents.

There is a quiz at the end of each section and smaller quizzes throughout. They are intended to help you retain information. The results are not recorded. There is a final exam at the end. You must score 80% or better on the final to receive a certificate recognizing you as an expert in home security systems.

This course is not an advertisement and does not recommend one company over another. It describes the different types of systems and helps you make the best choice. We do not collect any information about you and you will not receive any marketing follow-ups as a result of taking this course.
  • Choosing the Best Home Security System
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